— Portuguese Beauty Packaging

As much as I love pared-down beauty packaging, I can be persuaded to make room for prettiness in my bathroom cabinet.

These beautifully illustrated (and colourful!) examples of soaps, creams and gels are all offerings of Portuguese cosmetics companies. The striking, floral graphics have been used by established brands like Claus Porto and emerging ones, such as Beijaflor for a reason – we certainly can’t resist their charm.


I’ve always been a fan of the Art Deco period and so I’m also particularly fond of the traditional Portuguese soaps like Claus Porto. Equally appealing is the business Confiançan which has evolved from selling soaps, flour, oils, medicine and other necessities to the wealthy Portuguese living in the colonies to specialising in their luxury range of hand-made and natural soaps and toiletries after being bought by a hedge fund in 2005. Like Claus Porto too, they were originally founded in 1894 under the company name Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiançan and in order to draw attention to their heritage and history, they have rebranded their packaging – some examples are featured here.





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