— Towards A Poetic Morphology

‘Towards A Poetic Morphology’, a temporary installation by the Europe-based artist network The Cloud Collective, fills a small room with a landscape of letters, together forming Robert Walser’s poem ‘Oppressive Light’.
The piece was installed at La Fabrique, a former textile printing factory, for the 22nd International Poster & Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont in France. In the work, a small opening pathway invites visitors to explore the letters and forms, in a windowed roomwhose ambiance constantly changes with the sunlight and weather outdoors:


This arrangement in space – strongly affected by sunlight, time and weather – allows the text to slowly detach itself  from its intrinsic meaning and to let form, typography and composition take over. the snowy landscape becomes malleable, thus creating a multitude of meanings for the observer.


Oppressive light
by Robert Walser

Two trees stand in the snow
tired of the light the sky
Heads home nothing nearby
Where the gloom makes its abode

And behind the trees houses
Tower in the dark
Now you hear someone speak
The dogs begin to bark

The round beloved moonlight
Lamp appears in the house
But when the light goes out
A gaping wound stays in sight

What a small life to know
And much nothingness nearby
Tired of the light the sky
Has given all to the snow

The two trees dance with grace
Bend their heads and nod
Clouds race across the sod
Of the worlds silent face


Via: Designboom

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