— Mistreatment by Steven Klein

It’s clear to all that fashion editorial in the most exclusive publications is becoming ever more shocking and also ever more ‘fine art’ in the best of the monthly, and bi-annual fashion publications and this latest shoot by Steven Klein is certainly no exception.Perfectly executed is the contrast between the two stars of this shoot: Of the two models, Crystal Renn, is wild-eyed like a woman possessed, has dishevelled clothes and messy wet hair. Karolina Kurkova, the matron of this mental institution, has pristinely set blonde hair, buttoned-up collars and skirts in perfect uncrumpled lines.


It’s not a new idea for portraying a strict style of clothing, but it’ll blow you away none the less


While Kurkova is bound by the strictness of her garments and her facaded look (and the overt sadism of her poses), Renn is bound by literal ropes and straps. There’s nothing beautiful about Renn’s treatment or about Kurkova’s icy character, but between the emotion delivered by the two models, Klein’s photography, it’s certainly delivering yet another arresting shoot for the March issue of Interview.


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peter bainbridge

Give me a break i love Interview and i love K’s work, but this is a tad too much, What, Interview magazine does nurse ratched’s misogyne kidnapping and porn.! Yeah readers and advertisers gonna love that.!

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