— Thomas Ruff

Thomas Ruff created his first nudes series by downloading images from the Internet and Magazines and then digitally processing each photograph- enlarging them as far as possible – so the image is blurred. For this exhibition, Ruff has created a series of unique monumental works, enlarged to an imposing scale while, conversely, the rawness and carnality of the original images is blurred to an innuendo.


…oh, as fine art and credible as this work undoubtedly is, do be warned that it is explicit (and intentionally pornographic).

German artist Thomas Ruff distorts images beamed back from Mars and blurs memories of pornography in two exhibitions, ‘ma.r.s’ and ‘Nudes’, both showing at the Gagosian Gallery, London from 8 March 2012 to 14 April 2012.


Having been fascinated by astronomy since childhood, Ruff’s new series ma.r.s utilises images sourced from the NASA website. Ruff has transformed raw black and white fragmentary representations of the planet Mars with interjections of saturated colour. Also on display will be several extraordinary works in which Ruff has experimented with 3D image-making.


Via: Gagosian and Guardian

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