— Katherine Jane Wood: Double Exposures 2

Occasional photographer for The English Group Katherine Wood has emailed the agency a second series of double exposure photography that she has just completed by way of a test shoot for a book project that we’re currently working on together.As you can see, her exploration of the technique has moved on considerably since the first colour shoot some weeks back (which you can see here).


The great thing about Katherine’s test shoots is that she always uses herself as the model which while I’m sure makes for a much reduced organisational burden, must make the photography itself considerably more complex.


My own impression to these new black and white images is that they’re beautifully evocative and ethereal and leave me looking forward even more to the project itself.


…along with the images shown here were a parallel series, different in appearance, which I shall endeavour to also post tomorrow.


These images are also available via the Behance Network



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