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Norwegian firm Saunders Architecture has completed the ‘Squish Studio’, one of six commissioned artist studios along the coastline of Fogo Island in Newfoundland, Canada.The 30 square meter buildingis perched upon the rocky terrain and supported with a system of stilts. Reaching 20 feet, the southern roof peak and generated angled outdoor area produce the main entry to the retreat. Downward sloping to half the height at the opposing northern end, this trapezoidal structure’s name is derived from its ‘squished’ form while contrasting the local vernacular structures rooted within a strong Irish heritage. The tapered exterior also serves to deflect strong coastal winds.


Recently designated as a national cultural landscape district, transient artists may immerse within the creative process amidst an isloated setting. The tall entry leads to an internal spatial compression and horizontal work room which directs attention outward, to nearby Round Head as well as the changing atmospheric conditions and crashing waves of the North Atlantic. Built-in storage is alternated with slits of windows, offering glimpses of the sunrise to the northeastern horizon.


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