— Kamppi Chapel of Silence

This beautiful wooden chapel offers a place for silence and peace in the lively commercial centre of Helsinki.

Designed by Finnish architects K2S the chapel will soon be blessed by the archbishop in Helsinki, Finland.


Here some more detailed information about the Chapel via Designboom:


Positioned on the southern side of the bustling Narinkka Square, the curved wooden structure serves as a refuge from the lively urban district.Defined by a windowless facade, the solid building blocks out the city sounds, allowing visitors to become composed within the calm atmosphere.


The structural framework is comprised of CNC-cut glue-laminated elements and the cladding’s components
are custom-made spruce wood planks which are seamlessly connected with horizontal finger joints. The building may be approached from all directions of the surrounding context but only accessed through a glaze entrance and concrete corridor, flexibly used as an exhibition space and gathering area.


The passage abuts the chapel’s round room  which is the only entity contained within the stand-alone volume. light streams down the perimeter wall from a void within the ceiling,


Illuminating the surface of the oiled alder planks. the warm interior is additionally furnished with seating of solid wood.

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