— 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

This new Mercedes features…

…heightened dynamics by offering an enhanced maximum output of its 6.3-Liter v8 front mid-engine which has been increased to 583 hp (435 kw) at 6800 rpm, while maximum torque is maintained at 479 lb / ft at 4750 rpm; a re-calibrated amg speedshift dct 7-speed sports transmission; and a redeveloped amg adaptive suspension that elevates the vehicle’s profile even further.


These technical changes yield a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 3.6 Seconds with a maximum speed of 197 mph thanks to a newly developed gear change logic and optimized transmission control which shortens this reaction time during shifts. When doing so manually via alloy shift paddles, the transitions are remarkably a lot cleaner and quicker than before. This is a result of a modified engine mapping profile which changes engine torque delivered in manual mode, making the switch even quicker than previously.


The new AMG adaptive performance suspension enhances the vehicles ‘sportiness’ combining a suspension layout of twin aluminium wishbones featuring a stiffer and more aggressive spring and damper tuning for a more dynamic feel. Its control algorithm reacts best to fluctuations in the road surface with a tendency towards lower / softer damp force levels.


Available both as a coupe or roadster, the sportcar’s masculine aesthetic is distingued by darkened leadlamp and tail light lenses, a unique wheel color and red-painted brake calipers. The wing-shaped cross fins and star recess in the radiator grille are given a new high-gloss black finish as well as the exterior mirrors and fins located on the hood and front fenders.



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