— Whistle For The Wind: Ryan McGinley

With Ryan McGinley’s monograph “Whistle for the Wind” being released by Rizzoli in just a few days, we thought we would give you a preview of some of the included photographs, each of which have cemented McGinley as a generation defining photographer. Essays from John Kelsey and Chris Kraus will accompany the images, as well as an interview with the photographer by Gus Van Sant in which he talks about his sudden rise to fame.


“Suddenly, my life was very public. A lot of people still say they like my early stuff the best. I’m always a bit taken aback. When I was younger I definitely felt like I was outside of society. I’d like to think that I still am. And I’m attracted to people like that—the people I cast in my photographs have those qualities.”


Ryan McGinley: Whistle for the Wind will be released on 26 June and is available to pre-order now on Amazon.


Via: Huh Magazine


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