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There’s a reason why Bambi Magazine is one of our favourite independent publications.

To explain it wordlessly we need only point you to this shoot, which sums up – in epic lingerie-filled imagery – the relationship between sex and style that Bambi so understands. Pino Leone’s luxuriously shadowy images showcase remarkably sensual pieces from Parisian boutique Mise En Cage: bustiers, bras, leather harnesses.


But despite every image brimming with sensulity, it’s not all lingerie. Stylist Simona Sanfedele uses the sex appeal of the Mise En Cage pieces as a foundation, and brilliantly works in other pieces – tailored jackets, designer shoes, dresses, jewellery – from there.


…all of this to, by way of image research for a luxury underwear brochure that The English Group has just commenced sketching initial designs for.


You can see many more images across at Fashionising

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