— NewWork Issue 3

Can’t say that I like all of it, but I do like some of the layouts very much indeed.


NewWork magazine is a large-format arts publication for connoisseurs of fresh ideas. Designed and published biannually by Studio NewWork, each NewWork is a compendium of visual and written invention by both established names and freshly unearthed talents, from fashion stories and art projects to interviews, profiles and even a bit of concrete poetry for good measure. It represents a novel return to the broadsheet format ( 32 x 23 inches.) Each issue’s eight twelve-page sections are stacked as separate entities rather than bound together as a conventional shole. The cover section folds out to create a poster-style title page, with a calendar on the reverse.


In issue number 3, NewWork come face to face with… faces. In both the literal and abstract sense we explore how different designers and artists invoke the notion of the face in their work.


Via: NewWork

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