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A subject that’s very close to home at the moment for The English Group and timed with the magazine’s 45th anniversary, New York is set to launch a newly redesigned iPad app that takes full advantage of Apple’s iOS platform, and which could serve as the new standard bearer for print magazines on tablets.

AppleInsider was given an early hands-on look at the revamped New York magazine for iPad this week at the publication’s New York City headquarters. While New York has had an iPad edition available to subscribers for years, NYmag.com General Manager Michael Silberman admitted the previous software hadn’t used Apple’s tablet to its full potential.


That’s why in 2012, they partnered with developer The Wonderfactory to build a new iOS Newsstand application based on Bonnier’s Mag+ digital publishing platform. The result is New York’s completely revamped software, which is scheduled to hit the App Store April 1, with a few twists that make it a standout experience for the iPad.


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