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To follow on from Marc’s previous post about Oshima’s handmade wooden bicycles, I popped into Bristol to check out the UK Handmade Bicycle Show.

I was hoping to be wowed by examples of the finest craftsmanship and I was not disappointed! The quality of work shown here today has made me wish that I had funds enough to buy ten new bikes.


Flat Frame Systems design and build cycle frames from ‘engineered wood’ which can be covered with high quality veneer. These are truly unique looking and the wooden frame, being slightly flexible, allows for a smoother journey (image 1 &2).


Bicycles don’t get much more elegant and exciting than Faggin Bikes (image 3,4 & 5). My jaw hit the floor when I saw these peddles and the frame. In future, I want my bikes to be covered in stitched leather. Utterly stunning but would you dare to ride it in the rain?


My favorite bikes of the day were those made by Field Cycles (image 6). Their paintwork is perfection and their colours are surprising. If the most important rule of any sport is to look cool, then these guys win. Harry Harrison, the bike maker, was quick to explain that they do not use stickers or decals, every detail is applied by hand at their paint department, CROMAWORKS. It was a treat to talk to someone so passionate and enthusiastic.


Saffron Frameworks (image 7) had the most brilliant green bike at the entrance of the show. I want to know more about the gear system shown here.


Wooden mud guards? Yes please! Everything about Brick Lane Bikes cycles made me smile (image 8 & 9). Their attention to detail is delightful. I love their company logo stitched onto the seat.


The guys who stole the show, however, must be Brooks England (image 10 & 11). Their leather saddles were used by many of the makers at the show and they are simply charming. True English craftsmanship. I wanted to buy a saddle just to own one.


…oh, all the photographs are my own.

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