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Some slightly more modern architecture than yesterday’s or Mondays post. But equally exciting!

“Evora’s new Ecorkhotel gives travellers the opportunity to experience a contemporary and eco-minded lifestyle. Designed by architect Jose Carlos Cruz, the architecture is a reminder of Portugal’s traditional whitewashed plaster structures re-worked with a purist twist by balancing elements of simple form with nature. The entire exterior of the main building is outfitted with recycled cork cladding, a 100% natural product harvested by hand from the native cork oak – making the Ecork the first and only hotel in the world with this feature.


The town of Évora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to its rich history and well-preserved old town center. Évora is still mostly enclosed by ancient medieval walls, and houses a large number of monuments dating from various historical periods, including a Roman Temple. As the world has deemed this nearby land universally important, the realization of the Ecorkhotel was created with respect for the local history and consideration for nature.


The hotel was designed with maximum energy efficiency in mind, using geothermal and solar energy to heat and cool 56 villa suites. In addition to the geothermal and solar technology, eco-minded materials such as cork wrap the exterior of the main building, working as a thermic and acoustic isolator.


To mimic the twelve acres of rolling hills that the hotel is situated on, the architect designed large rolling curves that hang over the hallway that leads in and out of the main building.”


Good. I like a building that is designed with good ethics. But lets make the obvious comment too;


“It looks like Heaven on Earth!”


Come on, grab your flip flops and let’s go!


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