— Sons of Anarchy

BSMC is a dangerous close-knit outlaw motorcycle club operating in London… Oh wait, that’s not quite correct…

The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club are holding their second event later this year, in October. After the fun I had at Bespoked Bristol in April, there is no way I shall miss the opportunity of attending and photographing this event.


Dare I suggest that the bikes here are likely to be bigger, badder, better, faster? Come with me, we’re all invited!


If you think that you’re not quite their typical audience, think again! It appears that there is not a knuckle duster, a beer belly or an angry fist amongst these guys – just stunningly beautiful craftsmanship.


BSMC was founded by a gentleman called Dutch and his buddies from Untitled MotorcyclesSpirit of the Seventies and Motorcycle Deluxe. When they are not building motorcycles, most of them are being creative and earning a living working in design, film, advertising, photography etc.


…aah, that’s why everything is so elegant.


UM-2 photographed by Cedric Buchet, for 10 magazine


Dutch on the Big Zed (are we thinking Needle in a Haystack…?)


Bobber KongUntitled Motorcycles


UM GoldUntitled Motorcycles


The Fox,  Spirit of the Seventies


Barry from Motorcycle Deluxe


I make no apology for the shameless advertising of this event. It looks to be the coolest date of the year!



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