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Katherine recently posted a shoot featuring model Enik? Mihalik entitled ‘Silver Fox’ that can be seen here – since then I have seen umpteen images of the dashing gentleman also featured all over the blogoshere. The infamous british ‘retired’ porn star, writer, composer and now model ‘Aiden Shaw’ is certainly worthy of a post all unto himself so I offer him up in all his glory!

Being the second youngest from a large Irish Catholic family, the young Aiden Shaw was always determined to stand out amongst his siblings. As a boy Aiden was desperate to become a pop-star and at 18 he enrolled on a performance and visual arts course at Brighton College.


It was around this time he ‘discovered’ prostitution and supplemented his income by becoming a male escort. With his chiseled face (his looks have been likened to Richard Gere) and muscular body, Aiden was destined to become a sexual legend.


In the early 1990s he moved to L.A. and very soon established himself as one of the most celebrated and popular sex superstars of all time. Working mainly in gay porno for all the major studios (Falcon, Catalina, Studio 2000) Aiden has made in excess of 50 hardcore videos, including ‘Grand Prize’ (1992), ‘Grease Guns’ (1993), ‘The Backroom’ (1995) and ‘New Pledgemaster’ (1995).


Very much an intellectual, Aiden stands alone from his porno contemporaries. In 1996 he wrote his first (semi-autobiographicl) novel ‘Brutal’ and the following year had a collection of poetry published. In recent years he has concentrated on his career as a writer, composer, poet and singer. His first mainstream film ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ (for which he also wrote the music) was released in 2000.


Alexander McQueen had been involved with a porn star he’d identified in a September 2009 New York Times Magazine piece as “Mr. Stag.” It is widely believed that Mr. Stag was in fact Aiden – the gay-porn equivalent of Tom Cruise – who has since written several memoirs about his life in the adult film industry, his HIV-positive diagnosis and his life turning tricks. The naming of Carrie Bradshaw’s boyfriend Aiden Shaw on Sex & The City is said to be inspired by the real Shaw, a wink to the show’s gay viewership.


In 2011, Shaw trained to become a qualified English teacher. He also modelled for GQ magazine in Berlin. It was in this publication that he was spotted by and signed to Success Models in Paris. He currently resides in Barcelona, where he is represented by Sight Management. In 2013 he was the face of Polish fashion company Bytom


I think we shall be seeing a lot more of Mr Shaw in the coming months…


Via Wikepedia and The Daily Beast

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