— 10 Contemporary Moroccan Photographers

The opening exhibition of the MMP+ (Marrekech Musuem for Photography & Visual Arts), is an exploration of the varied practices in photography in Morocco today.

The inaugural exhibition has now moved from El Badii Palace and is currently on display at the Marrakech Sofitel. It presents the work of ten contemporary Moroccan artists using photography. Artists included are: Yto Barrada, Carolle Benitah, Hicham Benohoud, Yasmina Bouziane, Ali Chraibi, Hicham Gardaf, Hassan Hajjaj, Lamia NajiLeila Sadel, and Daoud Aoulad-Siad.


Signature, Yasmina Bouziane (self-portrait)


The Cockroaches, Carolle Benitah


From the series ‘La Joconda’, Ali Chraibi


Tangier Diaries #10, Hicham Gardaf


Homme a la cage, Daoud Aoulad-Siad


Raft in Strangler Figtree, Yto Barrada


Re-construction II, Lamia Naji


Polka Dot Posse, Hassan Hajjaj


I have included some snaps from the gallery space. In attendance were six Magnum photographers; Jim GoldbergMark PowerAbbasSusan MeiselasMikhael SubotzkyBruce Davidson. The great photographer of Vanishing Africa, Mirella Ricciardi was also at the event.


It was a truly wonderful treat to be amongst so many talented people.


(The colour portrait here is Hassan Hajjaj)


The last few Instagram snaps are my own shots of, in order of appearance:


Bruce Davidson x 2


Mikhael Subotzky and Mark Power


Jim Goldberg talking to the lovely Sophie from Magnum.


Abbas with the Tate’s Curator of Photography, Simon xxxxxx, stood behind him to the left.


…plus a couple of snaps of photographs on the walls of the hotel’s display space.

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