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The Thames Baths Project will offer public outdoor swimming in London! I’ll definitely be taking my swim suit on our client meetings…

From Designboom:


Originally launched in 2013, The Thames Baths Project proposes the reintroduction of swimming in London’s famous river. The Baths are not only intended for swimmers, but also serves as a refuge for fish, birds and a wide range of flora. The continually evolving plans seek to reconnect residents of the city with its historic lifeblood.


Architects Studio Octopi, who were selected as one of five groups to work up new visions for the project, have released their strategy for a floating freshwater pool at temple stairs off the victoria embankment. A jetty stretches out from the landing, leading to three differently sized areas of recreation. The scheme includes a lap pool for formal swimming, an octagonal paddling bath and a deeper plunge pool. The proposed design is intended for potential replication up and down the river Thames.


Via: Designboom

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