— Hannes Caspar

Continuing our never-ending theme of photographs of women in water, I am now more than happy to showcase this example.


This image is photographed by Hannes Caspar.


Via: The Quiet Front

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— It’s coming…

As a nod to my two hour meeting yesterday taking the brief for a very exciting World Cup publishing project, here’s the cover of El Pais Semanal (the magazine supplement for the El Pais newspaper).


Via: El Pais

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— Max Et Les Ferrailleurs

The type of illustration that raises a smile on this 1972 Polish poster for Max Et Les Ferrailleurs, as directed by Claude Sautet (France/Italy, 1971).


The poster’s designer is Andrzej Krajewski (b. 1933)


Via: Movie Poster Of The Day

film poster, movie poster, film, illustration, 1972, Polish, poster, Max Et Les Ferrailleurs, Claude Sautet, France/Italy, 1971, Designer, Andrzej Krajewski, b. 1933)

— In the Wild

Am very drawn to these landscapes at the moment – I think its the sense of stillness/quiet that appeals!


Here we have Milford Sound in New Zealand …Hobbit Country!

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