— Weejee

Atypical image from the great documenter of all things noir, Weejee.


Weejee was actually the working name of Arthur Felig.


Via: The Quiet Front

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— How Cute Can Cute Be?

Just a little animated GIF file that arrested my attention…


…and then it arrested my attention…


…and then, just before I closed the browser window, it arrested my attention.


Via: Say It As It is.

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— Hopeless Lingerie

Because of various projects that The English group are working on at the moment, I have developed a compulsive fascination with distinctive lingerie (or maybe I just love beautiful underwear anyway), so here’s an opportunity to view a selection from Hopeless’s Autumn/Winter 2013 range ‘Phases’.

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— The Town Mouse

In a neighbourly setting behind Lygon Street in Melbourne, this new bar/restaurant, created by ‘A Friend of Mine’ sets out to feel as if it could have been opened in any decade.

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