— Just Because…

…because it’s Monday, because I have to go to work, because sometimes an image – not even a good image – arrests one’s attention… …just because…


Actually, I think that the Fashioncopious website probably had the same thought.

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— Book Covers 2014

The Casual Optimist website is a great resource for anyone interested in book cover design (and books generally) and it regularly features the best of book design; by country, by month and, of course, best of the year.


It has just listed its 50 favourite covers from 2014 and I shall feature my own 17 favourites from that list here.


They are, in order, as follows:


Area X by Jeff VanderMeer; design by Rodrigo Corral (Farrar, Straus & Giroux / November 2014).

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— Love Is Strange

A simple but strangely beguiling poster for the new John Lithgow movie Love Is Strange.


I know nothing about the film, but there’s something about this poster that makes me want to know more.


I love the layout and the typography on the cover of the latest issue of WIRED magazine.


Via: Wired

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— As I Lay Dying

Just bumped into (online) this lovely book cover for William Faulkner’s magnificent ‘As I Lay Dying’.


I may have to track down which country this version is published in and order it.


Via the wonders of Google

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— The Oval Room

‘The Oval Room’, The Reading Room of The National Library of France, Paris


…we love libraries and often, too, the architecture thereof.


Via: BookPorn

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