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At the end of last year the winners of the BJP International Photography Awards 2016 were announced. The winner of the Series Award was Juno Calypso, for her collection of self-portraits entitled Joyce, which reflect on “modern rituals of seduction and the laboured construction of femininity.”The 26 year old graduate of London College of Communication was chosen from over 1,500 entrants.  As a photography student, Calypso spent her loan to fly to “the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania,” alone, to picture herself in the state’s honeymoon hotels.


“I began staging these photographs three years ago, using my grandma’s bedroom as the set, or a room found on Airbnb. The idea always starts with the location – finding somewhere with a time-warp feel. This year I went to stay alone at a couple’s honeymoon resort in the US to continue the project. So it begins with an appreciation of 1960s pink decor, but also ends up as an awkward social encounter. I like to explore those feelings – seduction, solitude, desire, disappointment.” Calypso


“Juno Calypso’s work is representative of a new generation of female artists that are refreshing the long tradition of self-portraiture,” says Self Publish, Be Happy’s Bruno Ceschel. “And in doing so, she challenges, amuses, pleases and ultimately confuses us.”


The Honeymoon Suite 2015


A Dream in Green 2015


Seaweed Wrap 2015


Massage Mask 2015


Reconstituted Meat Slices 2013


Artificial Sweetener 2012


A Modern Hallucination


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