The English Group has always kept a scrapbook of resources that we find inspiring. We now include this within our website in the form of a blog and, from now on, will add to it on an ongoing
basis. The directory showcases graphic design, art, books, magazines, film and music, photography, portraits, fashion, architecture, interiors, hotels and travel, products & toys - alongside The English
Group's own categories, ‘Travelling’ and 'Our Work' (‘Our Print’ and ‘Our Websites’), which illustrate the team's own travels and a full chronological listing of the agency's creative work.

Verlan Dress by Frances Bitonti

New York designer Francis Bitonti worked with students to 3D-print this dress using commercially available MakerBot machines (+ movie).

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Passion Mag

Passion is a French fanzine for the unpublished – censored or forgotten projects, parallel or experimental works – from both upcoming artists and those more well known.


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