— Finish Line Tower

The topographical situation on the Rotsee-Delta is a unique landscape, embedded in between two hill chains the lake is very calm. Through its ideal character for rowing regattas the lake is called the ‘Lake of Gods’ amongst rowers.

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— Bardot

“She is every man’s idea of the girl he’d like to meet in Paris” – Ivon Addams


Brigitte Badot in Le Mepris.



— Mister Finch

In his words…


My name is Finch – it’s actually my surname… everyone calls me it and I like it.


I’ve called my business Mister Finch so its clear from the start that I’m a man and one that sews.

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— A Portrait Of Life After Loss

Ben Nunery’s wife, Ali, died in 2011 after battling a rare form of lung cancer. Two years later, Ben and their daughter Olivia decided to move out of the house that he and Ali moved into the day before their wedding. With everything packed up, the house was empty, just like it was on the day they shot their wedding photos. So Ben enlisted Ali’s sister, photographer Melanie Pace, who shot their original set of wedding photos, to shoot a set of new ones.

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— Home Truths

A home truth can be simply understood as a fact that is somehow discomforting to acknowledge or may cause embarrassment. The work in this show may do all of those things. The title is there to be taken literally, or ironically. The concept of truths in parenting and photography are there to be questioned.

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