— Designs for Lace

If you’re one of those that find patterns, ornaments or flourishes fascinating, then Félix Aubert’s Designs for Lace and Embroidery, must be one for you.


(Published in 1899 by Julius Hoffmann, Stuttgart, Germany).

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— Charlotte McKinney / Kate Upton

Everyone is calling you the next Kate Upton. How do you feel about that?


It’s pretty obvious. We both have blonde hair, we’re from Florida, and we have enormous tits. It’s super flattering to me. Her career is amazing. But I’m ready to have that tossed away and start making a name for myself. Hopefully we both have a totally different realm. But it is flattering.


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— Work Will Set You Free

Arbeit Macht Frei; the words above the entrance gate to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.


…it wasn’t the truth of course.


Pictures I took a few years ago when I was in Poland and had cause to visit the camp, and as it’s the 70th Anniversary today of it’s liberation I thought I would post them on here.

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— Tattoo You

There’s no credit for this image, but it might go some little way to satisfying Alice’s current obsession with all things tattoo.


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