— Finish Line Tower

The topographical situation on the Rotsee-Delta is a unique landscape, embedded in between two hill chains the lake is very calm. Through its ideal character for rowing regattas the lake is called the ‘Lake of Gods’ amongst rowers.

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— Optical Illusion

concrete kitchen worktop doubles up as a dining room floor inside this renovated house in Porto by Portuguese studio Ezzo. Amazing.


A nightmare for hygiene freaks with OCD (obsessive cleaning disorder).


Via: Dezeen

— Stonehenge

I drove passed the new Stonehenge visitor centre on Saturday and, having lived near to Amesbury for many years, am keen to visit it properly and see what a difference it may make to this historic site.

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— Fog

For the last few days I have thought that it has been quite foggy here… but this image shows me that I was mistaken. This is Chicago fog. Real fog.


Via: Pete Stasiewicz