— We Space

Studioninedots have renovated this commercial property in Hoofddorp, using a new vertical lobby and open staircase, transforming it from an abandoned and anonymous office building to a vibrant multi-tenant complex.

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— The Rookery

The stunningly beautiful staircase and skylight at The Rookery in Chicago, by Burnham and Root.

The building was completed in 1888, but Frank Lloyd Wright totally redesigned the skylit lobby in 1905.


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— House in Yagi

Located beside a canal in Hiroshima, House in Yagi was designed by Suppose Design Office to deliberately look unfinished, so its concrete walls were left exposed both inside and outside.


“Unlike other projects, the final stage of construction for this house was not aiming towards a finish stage, but to let the owner experience the sense of completion after living here,” said the architects.

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— Portrait of Morocco

In two years the world’s largest photography museum will open in Marrakech, MMPVA (Marrakech Museum of Photography & Visual Arts). As part of the preparations, five Magnum photographers spent eight days documenting life in the Moroccan city.

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