— Quite Frankly

The English Group: Work-In-Progress:


To answer all those emails requesting a progress update for the Quite Frankly magazine project, here are a few Instagrams from my day at Opal printers passing on press the printing of the first sections of the magazines.

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— Don McCullin

The English Group: Work-In-Progress.


In case you might be wondering what The English Group is up to alongside the all-consuming Quite Frankly and Armorial projects, today we have completed first print tests for a huge project with legendary war and landscape photographer Don McCullin.

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— Quite Frankly On Press

The English Group: New Project


To respond to all the hundreds of questions we’ve received regarding the progress of the Quite Frankly erotic magazine project, the simple answer is that it is now in production.


The images to the right show our printer, Opal, running a first digital proof.

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— Quite Frankly: Birthday Treats

To refer back to my post of yesterday, as the number of people of registering their interest on the Quite Frankly website was quite phenomenal, I shall again break my blog silence (when it comes to my own photography) and post these pics of my birthday present from Rebecca Milford, one of Quite Frankly’s writers.


Yep, it’s my birthday today.


If you’d like to give me a birthday treat too, all you have to do is  go register your interest in the Quite Frankly project – which you can do here – and if the results are the same, I’ll even consider posting more photographs.

It’s up to you…

— Quite Frankly: Sneak Preview

I stopped posting my own self-portrait photograph’s on The English Group’s blog quite some while ago, but as we’re trying to create awareness of the Quite Frankly erotic magazine project, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of a few out-takes from my own shoot for an essay in the magazine.


Do know that I only do this now, or will only do this again, if you all go across to the magazine’s website holding page and register for updates regarding the launch of publication – which you can do here.

Is that a deal?

— Si Scott for Quite Frankly

The English Group: New Project


The acclaimed illustrator Si Scott has created an essay of erotic illustrations for the launch issue of Quite Frankly magazine (which The English Group will be sending to print this week).


We have just created a series of digital postcards to showcase Si Scott’s contribution across the magazine’s social media platforms, alongside the same for a number of the photographers who have also contributed to Issue One.


You can register for updates about the project here.




— Quite Frankly Magazine

The English Group: New Project


Following announcement of yesterday’s launch of the website holding page for the Quite Frankly luxury erotic magazine project, here are some more visuals of the holding page as it appears on iPad and iPhone.


The magazine is published in June and we shall continue to reveal more of the project over coming weeks.


Visit quitefranklymagazine.com to register for updates

— Armorial Paris

The English Group: New Project


We are currently immersed in the ongoing creation of examples of heritage printing for one of Paris’ most highly regarded bespoke personal stationers, Armorial.

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