— The Diversity Of Women

While yesterday was International Women’s Day, I’ve intentionally posted this article today…


…issues of gender imbalance and gender inequality should not be something we allow our thoughts to be directed towards just one day once a year, it should be an ever present issue that concerns us and which we engage with.

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— Futuristic Flowers For Panasonic Hollywood Labs by Macoto Murayama

Macoto Murayama, a Japanese architect-turned-artist has harnessed his ability to digitally dissect and reconstruct flowers for a Panasonic Hollywood labs promotional short. Perhaps due to Murayama’s practice in architecture school, gaining a thorough comprehension of three dimensional rendering programs such as 3DCG software or adobe photoshop, in addition to spatial awareness and attention to detail, the artist is able to unveil the hidden elements and inner form of each flower.

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— Favourite Blog Posts

The English Group, completed project:


As a blog editor for The English Group I post regular articles to website blogs that we have designed for some of our clients, including East-African helicopter safari/charter company Lady Lori and I’d like to share my three favourite posts with you, one of which includes this stunning photograph of Sudanese British Super Model Alek Wek.

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— Counter-Print.co.uk

Counter-print is dedicated to the promotion and sale of Art and Design related material. Often out of print or hard to find, they aim to celebrate both forgotten gems as well as those heralded designers that we all admire.


Counter-print and sister site Counter-objects