— Love and Doughnuts

US one sheet for Love and Doughnuts directed by Roy del Ruth (USA, 1921).


…satisfying both my own love of film poster design and Alice’s obsession with all things food-related.


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— Gather | Winter 2014

“For the Fall/Winter 2014 ‘Cocoon’ issue we explore every incarnation of the word, from recipes that impart a warm, cozy, and, well, cocoon-like feeling, to those that visually mimic its wrapped and bundled form.

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— Gelatology

As part of their self-publishing collection, EPHEMERA & MISCELLANEA, Studio Fludd developed Gelatology, a booklet (available here) that explores relationships between ice cream and geology. They also made Risograph prints of several of the illustrations from the book, all of which you can see below and purchase in their Etsy shop.


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— Habibis

Anagrama have created the branding collateral for Habibis, an Arabic-Mexican fusion taqueria located in San Pedro Garza García, a city enriched by the culinary treats of its third generation Arab immigrants. 

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