— The Imitation Game

I am really rather looking forward to seeing this film biography of one of the great designers of computing, World War II code-breaker, and persecuted homosexual, Alan Turing.


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— The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari

Suitably ominous illustration on this 1964 German poster for the expressionist masterpiece The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari as directed by Robert Wiene (Germany, 1920)


The poster designer is Karl Oskar Blase (b. 1925)


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— Point Blank

This French grande poster for Point Blank POINT BLANK , as directed by John Boorman (USA, 1967) couldn’t have better captured the mood of the classic hard-boiled crime film.


The designer of the poster is Vaisseur


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— Sin City II: A Dame To Kill For

I loved the first movie and eagerly await Frank Miller’s sequel, but there seems to be 101 different teaser posters preceding the release of the film.


So, let’s just concentrate on the only one of them to have been awarded the dubious honour of being banned.


It’s good enough for me though; simply because it features the delectable and always delightfully dirty Eva Green (and, if I’m bored later, maybe I’ll update the post with a broader selection of posters).


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— Masculin-Feminin

Hans Hillmann, arthouse film poster for Goddard’s Masculine Feminine, 1966. Neue Filmkunst Walter Kirchner, Germany.


Exhibition Hans Hillmann: Film Posters at kemistrygallery in London. Aug 21 – Sep 27, 2014.


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Hans Hillmann, arthouse, film poster, Goddard, Masculine Feminine, 1966, Neue Filmkunst Walter Kirchner, Germany, movie poster, film, illustration, Exhibition, Hans Hillmann: Film Poster, kemistrygallery, London, Aug 21 - Sep 27, 2014