— Memo Blocks

These memo blocks from Ito Bindery, Japan, are available in three precision cut modular sizes that form a rectangular shape when combined.


Comes in white, grey, red, and a unique black option, which shows pencil marks in silver.

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— Leica: The Beginning

Designer Oskar Barnak’s 1913 prototype for the Ur-Leica camera.


Barnak was working on the design for a 35mm motion picture camera when he arrived at the concept of a camera that used ‘a small negative to create a large picture’.


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— Hilla Shamia

Product designer Hilla Shamia has developed a novel way to meld poured aluminum with irregularly shaped wood pieces to create sleek tables and benches. The process preserves that natural form of the tree trunk while still allowing the molten aluminum to flow into the crevices of the wood, slightly burning the area where the two materials meet.

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— Kodak Baby Brownie Special

Walter Dorwin Teague’s design of the the Eastman Kodak Co.’s Kodak Baby Brownie Special which was in production between 1939 and 1954.


Production of the Baby Brownie first commenced as early as 1934, and was the first Kodak camera made of bakelite.


Via: Design Is Fine. History is Mine.

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