— Geneva Motorshow

There are some truly beautiful new cars being announced at this years Geneva Motoshow, and some of the very best are British.


I’m not usually a great fan of Bentleys – a car for bloated bankers and tasteless footballers – but their new EXP10 Speed – concept car is pretty damn special.

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— Saab 92

These little cars were everywhere when I was a kid, and generally thought to be a bit naff… …and probably picked up for peanuts.


But, how cute does it look with today’s eyes?


Via: Iain Claridge

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— Cave Man

Located in a limestone plateau of the Ardèche River in southern France, the Chauvet Pont-d’Arc cave contains the earliest-known and best-preserved figurative drawings in the world, dating back as early as the Aurignacian period (30,000–32,000 BP), making it an exceptional testimony of prehistoric art.

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— My 16th Century French Castle

I’ve just bought a lottery ticket expressly for the purpose of purchasing this tomorrow as a special birthday treat.


However, if I don’t win and you do have a ton of cash and want to splash out on something a little bit grander than a London penthouse, well, this huge 16th century French chateau has just been listed on the market for $5.7m.

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— Work Will Set You Free

Arbeit Macht Frei; the words above the entrance gate to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.


…it wasn’t the truth of course.


Pictures I took a few years ago when I was in Poland and had cause to visit the camp, and as it’s the 70th Anniversary today of it’s liberation I thought I would post them on here.

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— Iceberg. Flipped

Most of us have seen enough photographs, or watched Titanic enough times, to know what your standard iceberg looks like, but filmmaker Alex Cornell was lucky enough to see the beautiful underside of these giant blocks of ice when one flipped upside down in Antartica.

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— Air Club

This is a magazine cover that is altogether uncompromising when it comes to issues of brand recognition relative to design impact.


The latest issue of the inflight magazine for Air Club.

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— Rem Koolhaas & Dasha Zhukova

Art collector and philanthropist Dasha Zhukova is launching an ambitious campaign to connect Moscow to the international art world, and she’s tapped architect Rem Koolhaas to execute her vision.


There’s more about this project in the February 2015 issue of the Wall Street Journal magazine.