— The Girl From Ma’mariya

Female figure c. 3500 BCE unearthed in 1907 at Ma’mariya, Egypt.


This must be one of the earliest examples of recognisable figurative art and I am sure it was highly symbolic at the time.


Via: Xenophone

Female figure, c. 3500 BCE,1907, Ma’mariya, Egypt, figurative, art, symbolic, sculpture, woman, symbolism,

— Cereal

Issue 7 of the Bristol-based food and travel quarterly Cereal is now available.


Detailing interesting travel destinations, people, and products, this issue focusses on New York, Marrakech, and its hometown of Bristol.

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— The Cliff House Concept

Australian architecture practice Modscape has come up with a unique design for a couple who approached them with the brief to create a holiday home for them on a particularly extreme piece of land on the south-west coast of Victoria, Australia.


Inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a ship, Modscape came up with a five-storey modular home which hangs off the side of the cliff, offering an ;absolute connection with the ocean.;

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