— Peter Beard Artwork

I’ve always been a big fan of Peter Beard’s striking mix of photography, painting, handwriting and even, often, blood, within his distinctive collages.


It’s good to have an excuse to showcase some of them here.


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— Jordan

A trip to Jordan for a friend’s wedding. Amman has some top-notch Roman remains, and Petra was actually every bit as awesome in real life as it looks in Indiana Jones.

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— Gabon: 08.05.2008

Amos Courage (the step-brother of Damian Aspinall – owner of the Port Lympe and Howletts zoos in Kent, focused towards the conservation and breeding of endangered spieces) and Dr Samantha Corsellis (Trustee of the charity TUSK) – both pictured – had invited me to accompany them on a trip to the Gabon, on the border with Congo, to experience the reintroduction of captive born and orphaned young gorillas to the wild.

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