— Map of New York City

‘Map of New York City, Showing the Distribution of the Principal Nationalities by Sanitary Districts’ published in Harper’s Weekly (June 1, 1894) using 1890 U.S. Census data. The map was created by Frederick E. Pierce for the Tenement-House Committee, one of the progressive organizations working against urban slums and blight in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The text notes that the original map was in color, but was redrawn for publication in monochrome.

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— The Moon

Mirror-reversed daguerreotype of the moon, attributed to John W. Draper, believed to have been taken March 26, 1840 – the very beginnings of photography – from his rooftop observatory at New York University.


Via: Kleine Dagen

Mirror-reversed, daguerreotype, moon, John W. Draper, March 26, 1840, rooftop, observatory, New York University.