— Memories Of A Nation

I think this book cover design for Neil McGregor’s ‘Germany: Memories Of A Nation’ is really rather fine.

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— Metropoli

Latest cover for La Luna De Metropoli, with a design to complement the release of Christoper Nolan’s Interstellar on to cinema screens.


Via: Metropli

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— White God

I’m really not sure – yet – what this new documentary is all about, but I’m intrigued.


Here’s the US poster for White God which is directed by Kornél Mundruczó (Hungary, 2014)


Via: Movie Poster Of The Day

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— Kim Kardashian

I have to be honest, I really don’t get what the fuss is all about with so many of the vacuous fame-obsessed personalities that we seem to pre-occupy ourselves with…


…but, here’s a glimpse at the photography behind the latest cover for Paper magazine.

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— Magnum Signed Square Print Sale

These previously unpublished prints by Magnum photographers are on sale for a very limited time: 10th – 14th November! The prints are signed, museum quality 6 x 6″ at $100 each or $2,850 for a complete box set.


Magnum photographers searched their attics, basements and hard drives, looking for photographs that they have always liked, but for one reason or another, have gone unpublished and/or unnoticed. Each chose a single image to rescue from oblivion.”

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— Loïe Fuller

Loïe Fuller (January 15, 1862 – January 1, 1928) was a pioneer of both modern dance and theatrical lighting techniques.


Fuller began her theatrical career as a professional child actress and later choreographed and performed dances in burlesque (as a skirt dancer), vaudeville, and circus shows. An early free dance practitioner, Fuller developed her own natural movement and improvisation techniques. Fuller combined her choreography with silk costumes illuminated by multi-coloured lighting of her own design.

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The new issue of IDN magazine looks like one that I shall have to order.


We are immersed in patterns at the moment, so this could be useful.

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