— The Wet Room

I am well aware that The English Group blog has been light on architecture and interiors of late, but I find my attention arrested by these two beautifully spartan bathrooms.

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— Flaunt

Years ago I used to buy Flaunt magazine just because of its covers – often designed in two parts, a top layer folding back to reveal a more developed image beneath (in fact I think I still have a few at home) – but in recent times the magazine seems to have become, well, just more comfortable.


Anyway, here’s a few covers from recent issues.

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— Dummy

It’s always girls girls girls….




Here’s a summer dose of the guys (for us girls… …although these guys may not yet appreciate that this is the case).


The cover for the latest issue of German magazine Dummy.


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— Jellyfish Eyes

Super-cute US movie poster for Jellyfish Eyes (as directed by Takashi Murakami, Japan, 2013).


This one’s for Alice who has a fascination with anything jellyfish.


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US, movie poster, Jellyfish Eyes, director, Takashi Murakami, Japan, 2013, film, film poster, poster, illustration

— Rolling Stone On OITNB

This one’s for Alice really… …feeding her mild obsession with Orange Is The New Black.


On the cover of the June 2015 issue of Rolling Stone



Orange Is The New Black, cover,  June 2015, Rolling Stone, magazine, magazine cover, tv, lesbian