— Flair

I always like the covers for Flair magazine, and this one for Issue 13, the October 2014 issue, is even more cool as it features one of the few genuinely exciting models of the moment, Anja Rubik.

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— Awash

I’ve always had an interest in underwater nudes – don’t know why – but it does prompt me to dig out a few of my own from years ago (Which I shall do soon),


These two though are by Alistair Taylor Young and Katlyn Lacoste.

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— Fruit Bowl

Love this fun picture of Angelina Jolie by Bettina Rheims for Details Magazine May 1994.


Via: Tumblr

Angelina Jolie, Bettina Rheims, Details Magazine, May 1994

— Ralph Steadman | Breaking Bad Cast

Hunter S. Thompsons’s illustrator, Ralph Steadman, draws the breaking bad cast. To celebrate the upcoming release of Breaking Bad’s limited-edition Blu-ray DVDs, Vince Gilligan – the show’s creator – teamed up with illustrator Ralph Steadman, of Hunter S. Thompson fame, for an original twist on the famously bad characters. Six characters were illustrated to create six different covers, representing each season of the show.

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— In The Heart Of The Sea

What a bold teaser poster for Ron Howard’s upcoming movie In The Heart Of The Sea (USA, 2014).


…one of those situations where the poster alone makes you want to see the movie.

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— Girl Friday

How did Alberto Vargas manage to draw Sophie Dahl so well, before she was even born…


An illustration for a 1968 edition of Playboy magazine.


Via: Iain Claridge

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— Malibu

Malibu magazine’s November 2014 issue featuring Barbara Palvin on the cover, photographed by Guy Aroch.

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— System

Four pretty powerful covers for Issue Four of System magazine.


Cover one has the ever delectable Stella Tennant illustrating this issue’s strapline.

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