— The Duke of Burgundy

A dark melodrama – that is perhaps everything that Fifty Shades Of Grey isn’t (by which we mean erotic) – stars Chiara D’Annaas an amateur lepidopterist whose wayward desires test the limits of her lover’s tolerance.


Here’s a look at the movie posters for this film.

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— My 16th Century French Castle

I’ve just bought a lottery ticket expressly for the purpose of purchasing this tomorrow as a special birthday treat.


However, if I don’t win and you do have a ton of cash and want to splash out on something a little bit grander than a London penthouse, well, this huge 16th century French chateau has just been listed on the market for $5.7m.

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— Quite Lovely Monograph

To follow on from yesterday’s post revealing the cover of issue two of The Quite Delightful Project’s luxury erotic magazine – the Quite Lovely issue, the follow-up to Quite Frankly – here’s the cover of the monograph that will accompany the new issue.


It’s an essay of exceptionally candid self portraits by photographer Dee Elegia.


You can find out more about The Quite Delightful Project here.


You can also see Dee’s work in a new exhibition featuring the works of eight photographers using Impossible Project film which open’s tomorrow at London’s Hoxton Gallery.

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