— Stoya Again

Another one for Alice… …slightly more fine art this time.


A 5’x4″ Polaroid Transfer (Type 59) portrait of muse, writer, activist and porn star Stoya by D.Lavery.


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— Symphony Of The Soil

Such a sweet water colour painting/illustration underpinning Deborah Koons Garcia’s new documentary movie ‘Symphony Of The Soil’.


This appears to be a successor or sequel to the director’s previous film ‘The Future Of Food’


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— Trash Pleasures

I admit that I’m rather looking forward to the movie adaptation of World War Z – ‘Z’ means zombies – starring Brad Pitt (which might suggest that the film’s going to be better than perhaps could have been the case).


I thoroughly enjoyed the book which made much more than one might expect of this usually cheesiest of subjects.


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