— Domus On The iPad

The English Group seems to be spending a lot of its time at the moment working on publications for the iPad and this means that I’m constantly searching for examples of best practise.


To which end, it’s interesting to discover that issues of design and architecture magazine Domus can now be read as an app with layout and navigation designed specifically for the iPad.

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— Vee Laroche

I’ll admit to a minor obsession regarding model Vee Laroche, so it really doesn’t need much of an excuse to offer a few photographs from her own Tumblr website.

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— CR Fashion Book Issue 2

Issue 2 of CR Fashion Book is about to be published and here’s a glimpse of one of the publication’s two covers featuring a pointe shoe by Brigitte Niedermair.


Via: Bohemea

Issue 2, CR, CR Fashion Book, magazine cover, pointe shoe, Brigitte Niedermair

— Bird Shit

Film poster for Brewster McCloud which was directed by Robert Altman in 1970, but bizarrely seems to have been renamed Bird Shit in Japan.

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brewster mccloud, robert altman, 1970, film, film poster, movie poster, japan, bird shit