— Zadie

Having been asked what the font is for Zadie Smith’s ‘On Beauty’ I had assumed it a bespoke typeface (drawn just for this author, or book). Actually it is available.


Via identifont

zadie, typeface

— Zadie Smith, ‘On Beauty’

I love the US cover design for the new novel by Zadie Smith; red metallic foil blocking of a bespoke font on ivory uncoated stock.


..simple, stylish, just lovely.

on beauty, zadie smith

— Tess

This image is a straight un-retouched scan of an photograph I created around 15 years ago of a girl called Tess, for a calendar project and employs no special make-up or Photoshop.

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— Niagara Falls

Posted just because it’s a generally fascinating image of Niagara Falls from 1911, when the waterfalls were completely frozen.

niagara falls, frozen