— Christmas Slim Aarons Stylee

This image by photographer Slim Aarons illustrates perfectly how one might best experience Xmas… …and how some readers around the world might well be doing so.

slim aarons, christmas, poolside, photographer

— Top 10 Flower Paintings

Observer Art Critic Laura Cumming selected these paintings as the ten best flower paintings of all times. Her favorite one is this Tulip painting from dutch artist Judith Leyster’s Tulip Book (1643), which is now in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

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— Watershed

Designers L-ABLE (Pamela Campagna + Thomas Scheiderbauer) and QB (Carla Palladino + Ed Testa) designed this poster for Intramoenia Extrart–Eclettica cultura dell’arte, for ‘Watershed’: a multidisciplinary project articulated in a series of artistic events, exhibitions, residencies, and cultural exchanges between the north and south of Europe; specifically the cities of Barletta and Margherita di Savoia, located in Southern Italy’s Apulia Region, and the cities of Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Stockholm.

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