— Chromeography

I am now following a very addictive blog on Tumblr dedicated to the chrome detail badges that were endemic across American cars from as early as 1910, and largely popular in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s.

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— My Point Of View

I’m not sure if I’ve featured this 2012 image by Charlie Xia previously, but it’s such a beautiful shot I think you’ll probably enjoy it again regardless.


Via: Atchiculture

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— Bauhaus Wallpaper

The first Bauhaus wallpaper collection with 14 designs and 145 pages for the wallpaper season of the year 1930.


The collection was characterised by fine line and dot patterns, as well as grids in light and friendly colours.


Via: Iain Claridge

bauhaus, Bauhaus wallpaper collection, wallpaper, 1930, collection, pattern, colour

— Body Type

Anthon Beeke’s ‘Body Type’ alphabet from 1969 is made up of 26 individual cards each featuring a letter of the alphabet formed from a number of nude girls.

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