— Modern Pin Up

Even as the Pirelli Calendar flaunts its fiftieth anniversary with a previously unseen shoot by Helmut Newton, it’s easy to forget that powerful images of impossibly beautiful women were not always the norm. The original Calendar was a novel experiment in luxury marketing, devised by art director Derek Forsyth in 1964 to set a then-fledgling tire maker apart from the competition.

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— Embroidered Art

Twenty-nine year old Faig Ahmed has taken to the traditional arts of tapestry and needlepoint, but unlike his more prim predecessors, churns out pieces with an edgy, unraveled appeal.

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— Night Of The Hunter

One of my all time favourite American movies, Night of The hunter (directed by Charles Laughton, starring Robert Mitchum and Shelley Winters) has been given a freshen up and re-released.


Here’s the new poster (almost very nice… …apart from the iffy type).


You can see the original poster after the jump.


Via: IMP Awards