— Tableware as Sensorial Stimuli

How very interesting! Do you have a favourite cup, spoon, fork? Do you always go for a certain shape or size of cutlery? Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Jinhyun Jeon asks can the shape, texture and colour of cutlery change the way food tastes?

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— Iceberg. Flipped

Most of us have seen enough photographs, or watched Titanic enough times, to know what your standard iceberg looks like, but filmmaker Alex Cornell was lucky enough to see the beautiful underside of these giant blocks of ice when one flipped upside down in Antartica.

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— Hilda Rock Climbing

Hilda Rock Climbing, by Duane Bryers (American, 1911-2012); an early 1960s hardware calendar illustration. Watercolor on board


Hilda is drawn in that pin-up style so redolent of the time, but is herself quite clearly something other than archetypal.


Via: Flying Cat

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— Body Type

Anthon Beeke’s ‘Body Type’ alphabet from 1969 is made up of 26 individual cards each featuring a letter of the alphabet formed from a number of nude girls.

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