— Flaunt

Years ago I used to buy Flaunt magazine just because of its covers – often designed in two parts, a top layer folding back to reveal a more developed image beneath (in fact I think I still have a few at home) – but in recent times the magazine seems to have become, well, just more comfortable.


Anyway, here’s a few covers from recent issues.

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— The Sick Rose

Before photography, doctors treating everything from leprosy to syphilis turned to illustrations for guidance. A new collection of them, The Sick Rose, reveals their grotesque beauty.

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— Life’s A Riot

Fabulous photograph, fabulous composition by Gilles Caron of the 1968 Paris student riots on Rue Saint Jacques.


This image was taken May 6th.


Via: Tambourina

Gilles Caron, Student riots, Rue Saint Jacques, Paris, France, May 6, 1968, photography, composition