— Swimmers

After a lovely summer barbecue yesterday evening, I would so so love to be by the sea today as England’s heatwave continues…


Apologies for the absence of any photography credit.


Via: Tacoma Blue

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— Alexander McQueen R.I.P.

11th February 2010


Year after year after year, Alexander McQueen’s always provocative catwalk shows and his latest season’s designs never cease to inspire…



Alexander McQueen

— Allen Jones

A few randoms from versatile artist, sculptor, painter and printmaker, Allen Jones, including photographs by Seng & Seng, of Devon Aoki wearing some Allen Jones creations for an homage by Pop magazine.


Via: Iain Claridge

— Symphony Of The Soil

Such a sweet water colour painting/illustration underpinning Deborah Koons Garcia’s new documentary movie ‘Symphony Of The Soil’.


This appears to be a successor or sequel to the director’s previous film ‘The Future Of Food’


Via: IMP Awards

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