— Aston Martin One-77

The One-77 may look superficially like other Aston Martins but it has a gargantuan 7.3-litre engine generating more than 700bhp, more than any roadgoing Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche.

Accelerate hard and in the first 3.5sec you’ll be past 60mph, while the next will see you into three figures. As if that were not sufficient, it has just smashed the 191mph speed record for an Aston. Shortly before Christmas, a One-77 accelerated smoothly through 200mph and on to a top speed of 220mph. According to Aston insiders, there is more to come. Performance like this comes at a price, of course. Aston Martin quotes £1.05m but has confirmed that once you have added tax and put the car on the road, the final bill will be a Bugatti-busting £1.3m. But what is your money buying? Exclusivity for one: as the name suggests, just 77 will be built, of which Aston Martin has already sold more than 50 before anyone outside the company has driven it.

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