— Gauguin at the Tate Modern until 16 Jan ’11

I love the work of French post-impressionist artist Paul Gaguin and it is great that Tate Modern now, for the first time in 50 years, hosts an exhibition featuring his paintings and drawings from around the world.

Gauguin is considered one of the leading painters of the Post-impressionist period. He was the ultimate global traveler, sailing the South Seas, and living in Peru, Martinique, and Paris among other places.


This exhibition explores the role of the myths around the man – Gauguin as storyteller, painting himself as a Christ-like figure or even a demon in his own paintings, religious and mythical symbols in his work, and the manipulation of his own artistic identity.


To read more about the life of Paul Gauguin here


Paintings, from the Top:


‘Two Haitian Women’, 1899


‘Woman With A Flower’ 1893


‘Manao Tupapau’ (The spirit of the Dead Keeps Watch), 1892


‘Night Cafe at Arles’, 1888


Via: Tate

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