— Jan Gossaert’s Renaissance at the National Gallery

A great exhibition that features over 50 of the artist’s works, including many of his most important paintings, like the ‘Virgin and Child’ and ‘Hercules and Deianeira’ painted in 1517.

‘Jan Gossaert’s Renaissance’ is the first exhibition dedicated to the artist – who was one of the most startling and accomplished artists of the Northern Renaissance for over 40 years – and presents the results of a complete re-examination of his work, including new technical discoveries


The National Gallery has one of the largest and finest collections of Gossaert’s paintings in the world, a highlight being ‘The Adoration of the Kings’ (1510–15).


Paintings from the top:


‘Virgin and Child’


‘Hercules and Deianeira’ – 1517


‘The Adoration of the Kings’ 1510-1515


‘Adam and Eve’ – c1520


‘Portrait of a Man’ (Jan Jacobsz Snoek?) – c 1530


‘The Three Children of Christian II of Denmark’ – 1526

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