— Crown Colour Trends For 2011

Crown have just released their colour trends for 2011 – think vibrant and earthy, bold yet subtle, and some brilliantly stylistic product juxtapositions.

Think retro with a bright turquoise and soft grey colour palette for a return to the 1950s. Crown are using a super cool scooter piled with chairs and radios – the essentials for a spiffing day at the beach/park/ice-cream parlour… I love how they’ve styled their colour palettes: no boring colour swatches but a really tactile display of painted wood slats, aged radios and thick turquoise twine to emphasise the outdoor, happy-go-lucky connotations.


Then, staying outside with the colour trend amethyst, which is set to carry on from A/W’s purple jewels and burlesque trend. For spring there’s softer tones of amethyst, biloba and lavender, with teal and flax yellow, rather than the glitzy eggplant-fuchsia and plums, paired with black and silver, that are currently dazzling in homewares. By painting your garden furniture, lap trays and outdoor lanterns in these colours from Crown, you’ll easily recreate this colourful scene and be right on trend next year.


Gold is another key colour and Crown are working the sexy bachelor bathroom look here and it’s very striking – not least because of the vibrant 1970s-esque orange features and tarnished brass.


The nude colour palette doesn’t wallow in beige and anaemic skin tones but glows with soft peaches and blushing cheeks. Grey has become so popular lately and, conversely, warms up a room as we can see here. It can seem quite masculine, but teamed with the dull gold bed spread, soft pink pillows and honey floorboards, it look sophisticated and suitable for both sexes.


And finally, there’s the natural primary colours…


It’s quite evident that there are two strong, overall themes emerging from the Crown Colour Trend 2011 photo shoot. There’s natural tones and materials creating a laid back feel. Then bright colours adding a vibrant accent to the scene while at the same time complimenting the natural aspects instead of being garish. With the Natural Primary trend we’re back outside with splashes of unadulterated red, yellows and – greens!


Ok, so the jobsworths out there would have already noticed that green isn’t a primary colour, but it is a very ‘Mother Earth’ colour that is completely natural in our outside world. This is how Crown justified the avocados and leaf greens in this colour palette and it works for me.


All images copyright Crown.

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