— Channeling Marilyn

I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to seeing Michelle Williams play Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming movie My Week With Marilyn.

Williams is such an underrated actress, her talent is just fantastic and abundant in films such as Brokeback Mountain and Blue Valentine, so I can’t wait to see how she takes on the formidable role as the iconic actress.


Williams was actually too afraid to play the role until her co-star Ryan Gosling (Blue Valentine) convinced her to take the part, ‘He asked what I was doing and I said, God help me, I think I’m going to play Marilyn Monroe. And he was more excited than I was. He’s an unsettlingly perceptive person, Ryan. Sometimes you don’t want to be too close to him because he sees so much it’s uncomfortable. He said to me, “It’s so cool, the greatest sex symbol of all time being played by you, who has never wanted to trade on any kind of sex appeal or beauty whatsoever. That’s why you should do it.” It warmed my heart. I thought, you really see me. You really notice what I’m trying to do.’


These images, some shot by Annie Leibowitz, are featured in this months issue of Vogue, and really capture how


Via Vogue.

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