— Benetton Unhate Campaign – Peace Dove

United Colours of Benetton have donated and placed a sculpture in the centre of Tripoli, Libia, to mark the country’s first day of Independence since 1942.

The installation is composed of over 15,000 spent shell cartridges picked up from conflict zones around the globe, and it symbolises newfound peace in the region. The dove will now be displayed in the grounds of the University of Tripoli.

The sculpture marks the first donation by the Benetton UNHATE campaign, whose aim is to “oppose the culture of hate. It seeks to be a leader and driving force behind the desire for participation and change felt by citizens of the world, especially young people”.

It’s an interesting piece of work, especially given the medium used to create it. You can watch a video on its making here.


Via UNHATE Benetton.

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