— Logan Wines

I just love the branding for this Australian winemaker, the stationery looks so effortless, and the embroidered visual language used on the website and other branded items is very pretty and ‘earthy’ – just gorgeous! Design is by Australian agency War Design.


Via War.

— Kim Høltermand

Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark. His images are so serene, I could post a hundred of them! The subjects of his work, such as a power station or water tower, are unexpectedly beautiful when photographed with such skill.


Via Kim Holtermand.

— MVRDV: The Cloud

Unveiled today, the design for ‘The Cloud’, a pair of residential highrises within the Yongsan Dreamhub masterplan in Seoul, Korea by Rotterdam-based architecture practice MVRDV.


…and yes, you won’t be the first to sense a jolt when looking at this image and being instantly reminded of 9/11 – can such really be accidental?

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